Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tourism & Me booklet

Art is a really great teaching tool, it can make educational content easy to understand and it turns learning into a fun process for children. Another value of using art is that it can teach cultural awareness.
Tourism & Me was created as an educational guide for kids between the ages of 9 – 12 to teach them about the role of sustainable tourism on our island.
This booklet was a great opportunity to highlight specific aspects of Grenada, awareness of our environment and the role of Tourism on our island.  All the artwork in this booklet is reflective of a Caribbean environment,  diverse characters, indigenous fauna and flora and some Grenadian landmarks.

It’s really important for Caribbean children to see themselves in books and to be able to see their world reflected in the material that they consume because this in turn will make them proud of who they are. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Climate Change Toolkit presented to Prince Harry on his royal visit to Grenada!

Martina Duncan from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development and the Environment handed two passports of the Climate Change Toolkit “How to become a Greenz Climate Champion” to Prince Harry during his visit to Grande Anse beach yesterday. The passports are dedicated to Princess Charlotte and Prince George as a little present to take home. They include some playful and beautifully designed exercises and stickers illustrated by Grenadian illustrator Stacey Byer. We hope that the Prince and Princess will enjoy these their little presents and thereby learn a bit about Grenada’s efforts to adapt to climate change.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New picture book for Room to Read Initiative in Grenada!

 Ball and the Magic Crab written by Grenadian author Sheldon Charles and illustrated by moi.
This book along with other 5 titles (see previous post) will be available in all public primary schools here in Grenada!
Ball is tired of being hit all the time in the children's games. They're having tons of fun, but he's not having any! Ball thinks he'd rather be a nice. heavy stone. Will Ball get his wish?

The launch of 6 new culturally relevant picture books!

On Wednesday Nov 2nd Grenada Schools Inc launched 6 new picture books written and illustrated by Grenadians!!!!!
I'm so proud to be a part of this initiative, this has been quite a journey, from facilitating and teaching the new illustrators with the awesome Catia Chien to working on one of the titles myself to finally seeing the finished products!!! It is so important for children of colour to have culturally relevant books and because of this initiative all kids in our primary schools will have access to these books along with the school libraries being built for them by GSI!
A big thank you to the Sherwood Family, the board of Trustees and Room to Read for supporting this amazing project!
Because these are non profit organizations the books unfortunately will not be for sale BUT Mt Zion Children's Library will soon have copies available, so go and get your library card!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

16 ft Marine Mural promoting healthy reefs and shark conservation

Mural Unveiling on World Oceans Day event!
 This mural illustrates what a healthy reef should look like. (16 ft on curved concrete board)
Project facilitated by local dive shop Eco Dive Grenada and supported by the PEW Charitable Trusts

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Room to Read Student Phonics Handbook

I just finished co-illustrating a student handbook that will support Grade 1 phonics in Grenadian Primary Schools (See a few of my samples.)
This handbook was created by Room to Read (an international organization that supports literacy development),GSI (a local organization that seeks to strengthen literacy in Grenada) and a select group of Grenadian teachers and Educational officers.
Excited to see how this handbook will improve the way our kids learn.
This is just another step that Grenada is taking to make learning more fun and I'm thrilled to be a part of the process!